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Employee Appreciation Marketing ideas from The Executive Advertising Marketing Blog! Looking for holiday gifts for your employees that work so hard for you! Great! You are in the right spot! Checkout our Executive Gift Recommendations branded with your company logo.

What Personalized Promo Is A Great Gift For This Season?

Related imagePromote Your Business Name With Promotional Umbrellas: One of the most popular business gifts given is the personalized umbrella, don’t be left standing in the rain when you can have a bulk order of our branded umbrellas to hand out to your employees.

Give them the best gift around with the company name. It is so meaningful to have a nice branded umbrella. It shows the corporate values you have within the company growing in the future. Custom Umbrellas are a very useful product around the world everyday, so when you give your corporate team logo umbrellas they’ll help get your business the exposure it needs ans deserves.

Our advertising umbrellas are top marketing tools and will advertise your logo for free! Now look at the wonderful choices in umbrellas we have, so many colors, styles and patterns to choose from with No Set Up Fees ever. We’re experiencing a more rainy time during the month of January, so now is the time to purchase your business umbrellas.

You’ll find that our imprinted umbrellas are for the entire family and are easily fold-able and light on storage. Golfers will find our imprinted golf umbrellas are simply remarkable and will want them for their tournaments and golf outings. See umbrellas are for everyone and will be used all the time!

Even when you go to a sporting event such as golfing, soccer game, football and more, you’ll see umbrellas used for the rain or blocking the sun. The beach is a very popular place to see and use umbrellas. Get your employees and special clients the gift that keeps giving, personalized umbrellas with your free 1-color logo. They’ll love these important gifts from you forever!

Gifting With Personalized Coffee Cups And Travel Mugs

Image result for someone sitting at desk drinking from promotional company coffee mugCustom Coffee Mugs And Travel Mugs Are Lasting Gifts: When choosing the right gift this time of year, sometimes we look for and want the gifts to be affordable but meaningful! You’ll find that to defiantly be with promotional coffee cups and travel mugs from Executive Advertising!

Advertising coffee cups and travel mugs are the all time trend for coffee drinkers, you can choose from different styles, shapes and colors to please the way you drink coffee. Imprinted coffee mugs are generally used by restaurants, gift shops, pubs, coffee shops, specialty shops, businesses, corporations, etc. Also we guarantee branded cups and mugs to be in millions of homes across America.

Imagine your company logo on a suitable coffee mug and think of the kind of exposure and attention it might receive at the hands of various people. You’re going to love the branded coffee travel mug choices, we have stylish travel mugs for your coffee and hot drinks! All our coffee cups and travel mugs are decorated with your Free 1-Color Logo and never any set up fees.

We know all about the typical day of going out the door in the morning with coffee mug or tumbler in hand, so personalizing your business info on travel mugs and giving to clients will be a winning situation both ways! No need to wait, order your bulk of cups or mugs now, their always at a low cost for your business. This could be a perfect time to pass them out, cooler weather always bring on wanting hotter drinks. Just go on our website and view all our branded coffee cup and travel mug ideas and let us know here how we can get your order started for you!