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What is Wheat Straw Plastic?

You may have heard of bamboo and eucalyptus being eco-friendly materials, but have you discovered wheat straw as a sustainable alternative?

What is wheat straw?

Wheat straw is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It comes from the byproduct leftover from a wheat harvest – the dry stalk residue found after the grain is harvested. Common straw is typically a waste product, but throughout the years we have found additional uses for it, such as animal feed, bedding, thatched roofs, and now an alternative to plastic.

How is wheat straw made?

Basically, different components of the wheat straw are broken down to create polymers. These polymers are naturally formed, in contrast to plastic polymers which are artificially created. The polymers form a plastic-like substance which can mold into items like promotional cups, plates and straws.

Wheat Straw Features

  • Wheat straw is non-allergenic, BPA free, and meets FDA requirements, so it is safe for everyone.
  • There are no toxins added to increase the strength of this material, the natural fibers make it strong and sturdy.
  • These items are microwave and freezer safe, and can handle hot liquids up to around 200°F.
  • Wheat straw will not trap odors or produce mold.
  • The products created from wheat straw are also premium food grade.

Benefits of Wheat Straw

  • Wheat straw is fully biodegradable.
  • It takes less energy to produce than traditional plastic since it is a natural substance.
  • The material can be melted down to make new products again and again.
  • Wheat farmers can sell the byproducts for an additional source of income.
Is wheat straw gluten free?

In short: Yes! Although the name contains the word “wheat,” wheat straw does not contain any grain, and therefore no gluten. So if you have a gluten allergy, no worries– you can safely use and reuse these gluten-free items.

Sustainable Promotional Products

Wheat straw has become more and more popular because of its ability to create promotional products in an eco-friendly way. Check out our top 3 customizable promos made from wheat straw:

374021 wheat mug

1. Customized 12 oz. Wheat Mug

Upgrade your heavy ceramic mug to a light weight biodegradable wheat mug. These are microwave-safe…incase you need to reheat after one too many morning interruptions. They also offer a nice size imprint area to screen print your company’s logo on.


2. Branded 16 oz. Wheat Travel Tumbler

Bring your drink on the go – hot or cold – in this sustainable custom tumbler. You have two custom location options to print your artwork on: the tumbler itself or on the colored band.

373981 wheat straw kit

3. Custom Buildable Wheat Straw Kit in Travel Case

Whether you are on a quest to save our oceans or trying to reduce unnecessary waste, a portable customized straw kit is the best way to set a green example, while getting your brand name out into the world.

Want to browse more green and reusable promotional items? Shop all of Executive Advertising’s eco-friendly custom products on our website today.

Avoid Shipageddon this Holiday Shipping Season

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has quite literally changed everything in our normal day to day routine—we’re communicating through zoom calls, socializing virtually or at least a distance, working mostly from home, and shopping exclusively online or by the occasional curbside pickup.

The Only Guarantee in 2020, is That There Are No Guarantees

holiday-shipping-stats-7-millionThe holiday season is no different – you can count on changes happening here too. Expect extra hustle and bustle this time of year, particularly when you are mailing or waiting for a package. With major logistics companies and carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS already shipping at near capacity, no delivery timeframe is guaranteed. Now, factor in holiday shipping.

Because of increased delivery volume and staffing shortages due to COVID, the major carriers have suspended any delivery guarantees. UPS stopped its service guarantee in March, and this is still in effect. FedEx put a halt to its money-back guarantee for their services until further notice. The United States Postal Service extended their Priority Mail and First-Class commitments by an extra day back in April. And it’s reported that up to 7 million packages a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas could face possible delay during this holiday shipping period.

Don’t Get Your Holiday Shipping Caught in Shipageddonholiday-shipping-stats-77

According to a holiday research survey by Accenture, 77% of shoppers still want purchases delivered directly to their homes. Most consumers have been understanding when it comes to product availability and transit times over the past 7 months, but patience is starting to diminish. Supply chains are now racing to ensure they can meet the holiday demand during this peak season.

As a consumer, to avoid the inevitable Shipageddon, the answer is simple: SHOP NOW! But seriously, don’t wait until the eleventh hour to order your employees their branded holiday promos or pick out custom Executive Gifts for your customers.

Shop Now, So We Can Ship Early

Let’s work together to ensure your customized promotional gifts arrive before the end of the year! As you do your part to order now (or early as possible), we will do everything we can to get your logo’d gifts shipped out ASAP. Executive Advertising is helping to mitigate this holiday shipping situation by working with our supply chain and have created a list of customized products that, although we cannot promise transit times, we are offering expanding ground shipping services for: Customized Gifts with Expanded Holiday Shipping Services for 2020.

Executive Advertising Customized Holiday Gifts

Executive Advertising Customized Holiday Gifts

Executive Advertising Branded Holiday Gifts