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Promotional Product Trends 2021

Looking Ahead at Promotional Product Trends 2021

As we get a jump start on the new year and put 2020 behind us, let’s look forward to what’s coming in 2021. How has marketing evolved from a year ago? Will we see the return of traditional promo items? Is PPE sticking around non-medical industries permanently? Although there still lies some unknown to these questions, we are optimistic for what is to come this year!

Check out the top 5 promotional product trends to look for in 2021


1. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The PPE game is expected to remain strong, especially in the first half of 2021. Safety will continue to remain the number one priority for businesses – protecting both their employees and customers. By using customized safety products for promotion, companies can stay in front of the market as a trusted brand.

Face coverings and customized masks may even have a place here to stay permanently as they become another major branding opportunity. Dye Sublimated Masks are a great way to incorporate totally custom artwork into uniforms, work gear, giveaways, retail accessories and more.

Touch tools are a hot new item that offer yet another way to prevent the spread of germs. It’s a small handy tool that limits contact with doors, elevator buttons, keypads, mailboxes, locks, etc. It easily hooks to a key ring or can be thrown into a purse so that it is easily accessible when consumers are needing it out and about.



2. Work from Home

As some companies are instituting an indefinite work from home policy, and temporary mobile workspaces are becoming more permanent, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to your remote employees. Boost morale by showing your employees appreciation with a logo’d Bluetooth speaker, custom ear pods, or a personalized power bank charger. Promote self-care with branded products like a leather manicure setwater bottle with your logo, and journal notebook. Whatever you decide, your employees will feel that extra love receiving their surprise custom swag.


3. Kitting

Kits, swag bags, gift bundles, a party in a box – whatever you call them, these came in HOT at the end of 2020, and will continue to trend for 2021. From work from home kits to house warming kits; custom tech kits to picnic in the park kits; crafting individual branded bundles to send to customers, employees or prospects is another great way to keep connected. Browse our website to find a kit for any occasion. Our customer service team can even help you distribute each customized kit via drop shipping for a flat fee!



4. Sustainability

Going beyond just “green” products and giving your customers sustainable, functional items is growing in significance. Sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important to the end consumer. One sustainable material promotional product distributors have embraced is wheat straw as an alternative to plastic. Benefits of wheat straw include that it is fully biodegradable, takes less energy than traditional plastic to produce, and farmers can sell the byproducts (initially a waste product) for an additional source of income. Adding your logo to a wheat straw tumbler or food container will show your outward commitment to sustainable goods and practices!



5. Traditional Promos

As the economy and businesses continue to open up, you will start seeing more traditional promotional items making a comeback. Personalized pens, logo’d t-shirts, custom stress balls and branded mugs are promotional product staples that will continue strong in 2021. You are also likely to see more customized drawstring backpacks and tote bags as events start up again. Additionally, you’ll find promo basics like logo’d water bottles and personalized writing instruments in kits like University Welcome Packages or Virtual Event Swag Bags.

How has your promotional product marketing strategy has changed from last year? And what items are you looking forward to customizing with your logo this year? Are you following any of the mentioned 2021 trends? Let us know in the comments!

If you need help deciding on your perfect promo for 2021, browse our website, or contact our customer service team at 800-338-7996 for the latest customized product ideas.

Custom Office And Desktop Giveaway Ideas For 2016

Gift Ideas For Employees and Clients: It’s a new year so it’s time to spread your name around again and deliver the message of your company information. You say you need promotional office ideas on a budget, so here at The Executive Advertising we have tons of marketing office promos on a cheap budget!  To get your year going for your business this year we want to show you some advertising ideas for your company name.

If you have a limited budget but want to handout office supplies to employees and clients then we can sure assist you with that, we have marketing promos that start as low as under $0.50/each and up! We want to show you some pretty cool custom office supplies for your brand that would be on a low budget, like these 5 promotional office ideas!

Promotional Magnets these are for sure a marketing tool that can be handed out or mailed to clients to show your business information, name and color logo. Clients can stick these to their refrigerators to have a business close to them to call when they need them. We have several choice advertising magnets under the $1 range for your free logo.

Custom Letter Openers these reach out on personal level to those that receive mail on a daily basis and have to open it! These make a perfect office gift and make opening mail so much easier. They come in fun different colors for your company logo. Advertising letter openers are so budget friendly and don’t go to waste with it’s daily opening mail strategy.

Imprinted Mouse Pads would be a great customized gift idea for all your employees for sure. Clients will also love the free gift, due to computer work on the job and needing a mouse pad anyway, it will make this a great gift idea with the business logo. These marketing tools can have a personal message to connect with everyone and even have the business information imprinted.

Personalized Pens Are probably the #1 marketing tool advertising for all businesses. When you advertise about your company, you probably want to handout pens with the logo first to everyone. Here at The Executive Advertising we have thousands of marketing pen choices. There are tons of different pen ideas, colors and shapes for your advertising logo. Customize your logo for free with no set up fees!

Customized Sticky Notes the personal note taker, that is probably on everyone’s desk! There is to much to keep up with in a days time while at work. You need imprinted sticky notes for all your note taking and important reminders. This budget friendly item will be a fantastic idea to customize and handout to clients. Marketing sticky notes make the company name stand out and look stylish in the eyes of the consumers. Let us know how to customize your business sticky notes with your color logo.

And of course this is just a few ideas for promoting your brand this year! Our website is ready for you to view the thousands and thousands of promotional products for all your marketing ideas. When it comes to custom promos there are so many ways to advertise, you may be looking for special drinkware, keychains, stressballs and pen cups as well, we have it all to make an office complete and to complete your brand marketing this year!