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Holiday Parties are Out, WFH Swag Bags are In

It is no surprise that with a record number of employees working from home this year, most of us will also be spending our holidays at home. For many businesses, 2020 has brought a major shift to staff working remotely, zoom meetings (with the occasional dog, cat or baby cameo), and even turning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) into, not only essential, but fashionable accessories.

As we enter the 4th quarter of this year, that is no exception – businesses must adapt to the way holidays are celebrated. Have you thought about how your business is spreading cheer to your employees during the holidays this year? That may mean planning a virtual corporate gathering, hosting an outdoor socially distanced event – or shipping a holiday swag bag straight to their home office!

What is a holiday swag bag?

We like to call it a party in a box – it can also be described as a collection of curated promotional products or employee appreciation gifts that are personalized with your company’s logo.

These are not just branded holiday gifts for employees, this is a totally new experience for your work from home staff – a surprise swag bag they get to unwrap at the end of the year.

The best part is, to build your own remote employee swag kit, all you really have to do is choose the items – the rest can be taken care of by your promotional products vendor; from the printing and assembly, to even drop shipping each package directly to your employee’s doorstep.

Follow these 5 steps to create your ultimate holiday swag bag:

  1. Sdownload the swag bag checklistet a budget.
    • Decide how much you are willing to dedicate per employee and stick to it. Remember this amount will cover the swag bag itself, the promos inside, art set-up charges, tax, and shipping. At Executive Advertising, our set-up fees are always free! That means more dollars in your budget to spend on your employees. An average starting point for a holiday swag bag is $30-40 per person.
  2. Determine the number of items.
    • Too few items, and your employees will be left feeling underwhelmed and underappreciated. Too many items, and your budget may start to spread too thin. Our recommendation is putting between 4-6 items inside your custom holiday appreciation kits.
  3. Choose your bag.
    • How do you want your items to be packaged? We suggest a zippered tote bag or sporty drawstring backpack. Another option is a custom gift box with die cut foam, however, be aware these may increase both your budget and production time.
  4. Select your items.
  5. Place your order and send in your logo.
    • Contact us for a quote or to place your order. You should also receive an art proof with your logo on each item before it heads to production. As the cherry on top, you can tell your employees “Happy Holidays!” by sending an insert card to be included in each kit.
  6. BONUS STEP for the lazy gift giver.
    • Forget about distributing the swag bags yourself — for a flat fee per box, we will drop ship your custom kits directly to each of your employees.

Show your staff that you are grateful for their loyalty and hard work this year by sending these employee appreciation gifts. You will not only end the year on a positive note with these swag bags, but will also be gearing up your WFH team to start out 2021 stronger than ever.

Head to Executive Advertising now to pick out the items for your customized holiday kits, and we will do the rest of the work! Don’t forget to download the holiday swag bag checklist to help build your perfect kit.


No Thanks I Have My Own Customized Grocery Bag!

Image result for No thanks I have a my own tote bagWhy You Need Promotional Grocery Bags: We can’t express how much custom grocery bags or totes are awesome! These branded bags hold so much more than those plastic bags.

We have a variety of colors and materials to choose from for your branded logo. Our grocery totes and bag options are sold in bulk for a fantastic price. These promo items are one of the best sold around!

Promotional Non-Woven Tundra Tote Bag Full Color DigitalNever make a million trips to the car again, the trend of promotional totes is taking over, going to the grocery, farmer’s market, library, working and traveling. Our advertising totes are holding so much and marketing the business name all at the same time.

Just keep some of your custom bags in your car trunk, you’ll  never be without them. There is a 24 Hour Rush Service on the promotional grocery bags. We will not charge any setup fees for a customized company logo. Add a message or slogan to your bags as well, and pass these out for awesome office gifts.

If you are looking for certain grocery bags to try, click on our bags and totes options on our website, you’ll see all material options, such as insulated, laminated, two tone, metallic and even Eco-Friendly. The promotional Eco Carry insulated shopping bags, they’re made of sturdy polypropylene and insulated lining.

The features include a large front pocket for grocery list and coupons, dual reinforced 22 inch carrying handles, large side and bottom gussets, and a top zipper closure. The available colors are lime, dark green, royal blue, red, or black. There is a free one color logo imprint, free artwork E-proof and no set up fees ever! So the next time you’re at the store and the person bagging asks, is plastic bags ok? You say No Thanks I have my own custom grocery bag!